Thermax Temperature Labels 8 Level

Thermax Temperature Labels 8 Level

Thermax Temperature Labels 8 Level

Adhesive Temperature strips are used to quickly measure the surface temperature of almost any industrial or domestic application. They display the peak temperature achieved and are supplied in packets of 10. 

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Temperature adhesive labels are designed for surface temperature monitoring in applications across a wide range of industries.

Most commonly used as a diagnostic tool, the temperature strips can be used as a preventative measure to identify potential issues before a problem arises allowing maintenance to be scheduled rather than as a result of break down.  

The temperature strips work by changing colour once particular temperature points have been reached.  The colour change is irreversible so that the strips indicate the highest temperature reached.  The strips can be attached to almost any surface as they have a strong adhesive backing.  This makes the strips an ideal monitoring tool as you can apply the strip to the surface in question and come back at a later point to determine the highest temperature reached.  This is particularly useful when gaining a live reading is not possible such as an engine or gearbox in a car or light aircraft, or the rollers inside a press.

There is a variety of different temperature points covered by different temperature strips.  Try and select a strip where the critical temperature is in the midpoint of the strip range.  The most commonly used strips are the 8 or 10 level strips.  

As per the table below, the temperature strips are 8 level strips as each strip contains 8 different temperature points. The range designates the temperature range.


Range A strips have a low activation temperature point of 37deg.C (often around ambient in summer), and should be stored in a cool location or refrigerated.  Due to this low activation temperature, we require these to be sent with a specific cool aide to prevent this occuring during transit via Toll Priority overnight service.  


  • • Irreversible (permanent record of peak temperature)
  • • Oil, water and steam resistant
  • • Adhesive backed
    • Small
    • Non hazardous
    • Packet of 10

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