Thermax Temperature Labels 10 Level

Thermax Temperature Labels 10 Level

Thermax Temperature Labels 10 Level

Non-reversible, Adhesive Temperature strips for quick, easy monitoring of surface temperatures.  They show the peak temperature via a permanent colour change from white to black. Available in a range of temperatures from 40°C to 249°CSupplied in packets of 10.

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Thermochromatic strips are designed for a simple visual indication for users that require temperature monitoring.

The adhesive strips can be used for preventative measures, diagnostics and warranty validations.  The strips are adhesive backed and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces.  It is as simple as peel, stick and leave.  The labels can be left for an extended period of time and the peak temperature reached will stay recorded.

The strip works by colour change indicating a temperature point has been reached.  The colour change is permanant, which makes the strips ideal for monitoring.  When choosing the correct strip, choose a strip or strips so as the have the critical temperature point in the middle of the temperature range.  Having a middled temperature will provide data for the approach to and / or when exceeding the critical temperature point.  As per the table below, the 10 Level strips indicate 10 different temperature points on the one strip.  The letter designates the temperature range.

Please note:

Range A strips have a low activation temperature point of 37°C (often around ambient in summer), and must be stored in a cool location or refrigerated at all times.  Due to this low activation temperature, we send them with a specific cool aide to ensure these strips do not activate in transit via our standard Toll Priority overnight service.


  • • Adhesive backing
    • Non reversible for permanent record of peak temperature
  • • Oil, water and steam resistant
  • • Convenient Size
    • Packets of 10
    • Non hazardous

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** Please note, the level A strips may come with a range of 37-71°C excluding the 42°C temperature point.  Please contact us for any clarification.


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