Pocket Penetrometer : PP-200

Pocket Penetrometer : PP-200

Pocket Penetrometer : PP-200

The PP-200 is a pocket penetrometer that is supplied with 5 tips to test soils ranging form hard clays to sandy loams. 

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The PP-200 Pocket Penetrometer is designed for users that have a wider range of use with the classification of coherent and incoherent soils.

Most commonly used in Land Care and Farming and also construction sites the PP-200 comes with 5 different plunger tips for a broader ability to classify soils.  To obtain a reading push the penetrometer gently into the soil to the line indication.  The results are worked out by a table with the reading and the tip type.  The results will either be the angle of internal friction for sandy soils and the larger plungers or the cohesion or unconfined compressive strength of clay soils for the smaller plungers.  Best practice is to take the average over 10 results.

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  • • Portable
    • 5 Plungers: 1/4", 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm Diameters
    • Range 0-6 kg/cm2 and 0-11 Kg
    • Zero reset button
    • Peak Hold
    • 400g

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