Dial Durometer : DD-100 Series

Dial Durometer : DD-100 Series

Dial Durometer : DD-100 Series

The DD-100 is a pocket sized dial durometer that is used to measure the hardness of elastomers, rubber and plastics.  It is available in the scales of Shore A and Shore D. 


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The DD-100 durometers are an analogue dial gauge deisgned for users who need to measure the hardness of resins, rubbers and plastics.   

Durometers are commonly used to ensure consistency of a product in quality control and also so that it meets required specifications in production or when checking parts received from suppliers.  Items tested include, tyres, shoe soles, cheeses, plastic chairs, skateboard wheels, perspex etc.  

A durometer works by measuring the resistance to an indentation, that is made with a specific indenter and spring loading which values are based on the applicable Shore scale.  Our DD-100 range is available in Shore A and Shore D.  For softer plastics and for rubbers shore A is used.  Shore D is used on harder plastics.

Usage is simple, just press the durometer against the object being tested and the needle will show the hardness value.  Peak results are indicated by the 'lazy' arm. Reset the lazy arm after each test.  ASTM D 2240 best practice means taking average result from at least 5 measurements in each location.


  • Dial value: 0 ~100HA

    Needle stroke: 2.5 mm

    Measure range: 10 ~ 90HA

    Needlepoint size: 0.79 mm

    Weight: 200 grams

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