Durometer Test Block Kit

Durometer Test Block Kit

Durometer Test Block Kit

A set of reference blocks for verifying the calibration of your Shore Durometer. Available in Shore A and Shore D scales; please select as required from the drop-down menu.

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The DSD Test Block kit is designed as a reference guide for users of durometers.  When using the durometer as a hand device the test block kit allows the user to get a "feel" for what certain levels of hardness should feel like and help reduce errors caused by applying incorrect load pressure.  

When using a test stand the test block kit is used as a reference to check for calibration and any unexpected results.


Shore A - Kit includes 7 pieces measured in HA (36, 42, 55, 67, 75, 85, 94)

Shore D - Kit includes 3 pieces measured in HD (32 ,51 ,92)

Accuracy ± 2 HA/HD

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