Starr Instruments will warranty our products for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of delivery.  We will make good any defects in goods supplied by Starr Instruments which develop under proper use, as a result of faulty components (excluding consumable items) or bad workmanship in manufacture, subject to the following provisions:

(i) The goods or equipment have at all times been operated in accordance with Starr Instruments operating and maintenance instructions.

(ii) There has been no exchange or modification of the goods or equipment or the parts thereof after installation without prior agreement with Starr Instruments.

(iii) The equipment has not been misused or damaged by external force.

Under the terms of this warranty, Starr Instruments will replace free of charge any parts that have become genuinely faulty during the warranty period.  In most cases, we would require the unit to be sent to Starr Instruments for assessment and repair.  If the unit was unrepairable we would replace with a new unit.